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My Life Laid Flat

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Meet Me & My Table

Let me introduce you to my table. The item I adore with it’s knocks and scrapes, scars of life and strange shard sticking out of the side which catches you unawares. It gets separated limb from limb to fit into a van with every house move and each time it becomes reacquainted with its estranged trestle legs (it has been known to be many months) it seems to look a little off kilter. “Are you sure that’s the right screws?”

I had to justify bringing my beautiful friend out of storage and into our small flat. Could I just admit that I actually missed it? No, I insisted that it was so we could entertain more and with Christmas coming up then it would absolutely be ideal.

Preparations were made. Space allocated. My excitement was building.

Now I know how certain items can be hugely important in your life - reassuring, like a blanky. Although I don't remember ever having a blanky I do have memories of rubbing cloth between my fingers, so maybe I did. Ah! Maybe I should have become a tailor! Great, more distractions.. STAY FOCUSSED! But nothing prepared me for the tears of joy seeing my table in the flat. I was shocked by the impact of having it home had on me. I cried!

It’s since resumed it’s role in being the backdrop to my design work & the things I love. Which brings me to this blog.

Clearing the table of it's usual piles of 'to do's', I didn't actually realise I form piles of stuff until a friend actually commented on it - a strange observation to say out loud. They are neat, and not too high and each pile has it's own agenda. I quite like them but for now they're going to the land of much bigger piles we shall call files..

She's been polished with a gorgeous smelling wax and she's looking beautiful. "OOOOh who's coming for supper?" Obviously that's my table talking as I polish her every week....

So through the medium of my table, I thought i’d share my flat lays with you. These are things that inspire me in creating my interiors, my love of beautiful linens and food.

I do waffle sometimes, kind of like Ronnie Corbett - going off on a tangent - and you may feel a little lost until the thread connects. And it will. Unless it doesn’t, in which case just enjoy the pictures that I'll be posting. Alison x

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